3 Places for Senior Citizens to Hang Out

Maintaining old friendships and forming new ones can often be challenging for senior citizens. Due to retirement or physical inabilities, they have fewer opportunities of going out as well. Often they are forced to relocate as well which separates them from their existing social circle. Above all, they feel awkward and are hesitant to start new conversations.
However, this should not be an excuse to live an isolated life. In fact, it is important to form new relationships in every age for our physical, mental, and health wellbeing. And there are many ways to make that happen.

senior citizens

1. Senior Fitness Class

Most seniors try to stay fit by doing yoga at home or taking walks in the neighborhood or nearby park. However, they can also join a nearby fitness class or gym to stay active while also improving their social life.

Many local gyms offer activities that are specifically catered to the physical abilities of senior citizens. These include aquatic aerobics, Zumba, and even chair yoga for those with limited mobility. Exercising with other senior citizens removes the pretense of appearance while the classes also make a good conversation starter.

2. Seniors Travel Group

Going on day trips or even extended vacation is a great way to meet fellow seniors. Several travel companies organize short and long excursions specifically catered to 55 and above. They remove the hassle of planning from the senior citizens as the tour companies take care of all the arrangements on their behalf including transport, meals, and lodging.
Trips with groups give the travelers more chance to talk, laugh, and share the experience. The tours are usually planned throughout the year and interested travelers can easily find a trip that suits their lifestyle and requirements.

3. Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook serve as a great place to meet and make new friendships. In fact, some of the nicest friendships are often created online. The social media networks also include several groups that target senior citizens and their preferred activities. Join them and find others who are in a similar position as you. However, the internet can often be an unsafe portal so make sure you follow all cyber safety precautions when using the medium.

Some other places to try:

Besides the mentioned above, senior citizens can also choose to volunteer at nearby parks, recreational centers, library, animal shelter, and even day care centers. Local clubs and organizations such as gardening club, book club, and even coffee clubs also provide a good opportunity for senior citizens to use their time constructively while enjoying the company of others with the same interest.

Final thoughts

Just because you have reached the ‘senior’ threshold does not mean you are not liable for social activities. Get the most out of your days by enjoying your time and connecting with others that share similar interests as you.


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