Senior Dating: How to Meet Seniors in Your Area

It is no secret that relationships and intimacy are two vital aspects of life. They are very important all through one’s life, but they even more important in our latter life for health, happiness, and overall well-being. Senior dating has really helped to vitalize this aspect of life. Not only is it fun, but it is also good for seniors to reach out to their peers.

According to a journal of Gerontology published back in 2016, seniors that stay connected with their peers and loved ones via several mediums, including social media, report feeling better and less lonely. According to the research, seniors that stay connected with their peers also show higher executive reasoning skills.

Unfortunately, finding a partner at such stage in life can sometimes be challenging. Senior dating has been one of the pioneers of this connection, and it has helped to bring a lot of seniors together over the years. For those that do not have the option or just don’t want to meet other singles via friends and family, listed below are some other options for you to meet seniors in your area and get involved in senior dating.


The Internet

Over the years, the internet has changed the senior dating scene and revolutionized it for the better. According to a research carried out by the Pew Research Center, eleven percent of adults in the US, and thirty-eight percent of those that were single and searching for partners, use online dating sites and mobile dating applications.

Today, there are a lot of applications and websites that are designed for seniors, to enhance senior dating. There are lots of platforms out there for people 50 years and older to find their peers, seek friendship, intimacy or love.

Senior Fitness Classes

Another great opportunity for you to meet seniors in your area is by partaking in a senior fitness class. Some private gyms offer activities specially designed for seniors, such as senior Zumba classes and aqua aerobics.

Community Centers

Community centers offer exciting outings and celebrations in neighborhoods which enable seniors to come together, meet each other, and have social stimulation. Normally, senior centers offer a schedule of special celebrations and events during the holidays. A senior community center is a great way to meet with other seniors with similar interests in your area.

Continuing Education Classes

A lot of community colleges offer courses specially designed for seniors, and these offer a fascinating and adventurous way of meeting other seniors. There are almost free community courses in ceramics, painting, gardening, culinary arts, etc.

Senior Dating Services, Matchmakers or Coaches

Dating services, matchmakers, and coaches are the way forward for those that are too shy to meet with people in social gatherings or those that are wary of the internet. A lot of seniors do not use computers, not to talk of the internet. A greater percentage of those that even use computers are not comfortable using them for dating websites. Dating matchmakers and coaches seem to be a great fit for a lot of seniors as it tends to break that barrier for them.


Happiness is imperative at any age, but companionship plays a very important role in contributing to great quality of life and delight as a senior. Senior dating is a great way of finding friendship, intimacy, and love at a latter age, and the aforementioned tips can help you meet other seniors in your area.

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